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Handling Immediate Payments (and Reminders)

This idea is about providing functionality in Compello Send to support Immediate Payments and Reminders. By Immediate Payments we mean having the customer for an unpaid Invoice online to help them pay the invoice there and then with either VIPPS or availble options in Puzzel pay. This includes:

  • a separate API to be able to send Immediate Payment Transactions (or Reminders) to Compello that will show up on the customers App immdiately for them to pay

  • Paying using VIPPS directly

  • Paying using Puzzel Pay - VIPPS, Credit Card, Phone Bill (or other payment options provided by Puzzel)

  • A separate Window in the Customer Portal representing the Immediate Payment transaction together with the unpaid Invoice. A possible example is shown in the attached File (Picture 1). Here you can see the original invoice and its status, together with the related Immediate Pyament Transaction/Request (and its status).

  • The same API as above to be able to import the information shown in the Customer Portal into your own portal (or internal system).

The same Ideas as described for Immediate Payment can also be used for Reminders showing these in a separate window together with their related unpaid invoices. Reminders can be sent as normal transasctions as email, eInvoice, Print, but also as SMS with link to the Invoice image.

Examples of how this will look on the paying customers phone (SMS) and in their App (Puzzel Pay) can be seen in the attached Powerpoint.

Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions and vote for this idea.

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  • Oct 28 2019
  • Future consideration
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